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Saint Bertrand de Comminges

With its famous Cathedral Sainte-Marie

Major steps on the paths of  Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Saint Bertrand de Comminges is classified «most beautiful village of France» with its famous Cathedral Sainte-Marie which seems to be suspended between the earth and the sky.

This beautiful little village, surrounded by ramparts, is visited by pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle as well as by tourists curious to discover the beauty of its alleys and its cathedral which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site,

At the foot of the village, are the ruins of the ancient site of Lugdunum-Convenae dating from the 1st century BC in which the forum can still be discerned, the ancient theatre, the thermal baths and the portico.

 Close by, down below: Saint-Just-de-Valcabrère Basilica, which is one of the most beautiful in the region and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Saint bertrand de comminges
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