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Interpretive Trails

Walks and hikes in unspoilt nature

Our territory, beyond its numerous walks and hikes in unspoilt nature, also offers interpretive trails that offer true immersion and a natural heritage approach.

  • The Gourgue of Asque, the small amazon of the Pyrenees with lush vegetation
  • The Clarens peatland, the middle is so typical , inherited from the ice age
  • The Puydarrieux Ornithological lake Reserve (right next door), a wintering and observation site for many bird species, including cranes

Information panels on which scientific information is offered, historical or cultural features mark out the paths that make it possible to understand, to decipher and observe these particular environments.

The three interpretive paths are rich in discoveries and give you a new perspective on hiking and our environment. They all have one thing in common : water

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