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Interpretive Trails

Walking and hiking amid unspoilt nature

Beyond the multiple walking and hiking trails in unspoilt natural settings, our region also has a number of interpretive trails that plunge you into a natural approach to local heritage.

  • The Gourgue of Asque trail, amid the lush green vegetation of the Pyrenees’ very own little Amazon rainforest

  • The Tourbière de Clarens trail, in a typical peatland setting, a legacy of the Ice Age

  • The Réserve Ornithologique trail near Puydarrieux Lake, a winter sanctuary for multiple bird species that can be observed here, including the Eurasian crane

Information panels explaining the scientific, historic and cultural aspects are dotted along the way to help you understand, decode and observe these unique habitats.

These three interpretive trails have plenty of surprises in store and offer a brand new angle on our environment and on hiking activities. They all share a common feature: water.

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