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Slimming cure "Therm'inceur"

The spa resort of Capvern les Bains specialises in the treatment of excess weight, obesity and metabolic disorders. Indeed, the unique properties of Capvern les Bains water, combined with treatments, advice and a healthy diet put together by doctors and dieticians, contribute effectively to sustainable weight loss.

The Slimming programme offered by Capvern les Bains is your slimming ally. 

Available as a 21-day course or 6-day course, the programme combines medical and dietary monitoring, specific treatment with the thermal waters of Capvern les Bains, an activity programme (exercise in thermal water, feel-good activities…) and dietary advice (hands-on lessons, conferences, …).

Depending on your wishes, you can choose the diet basket meal plan to cook yourself, offered by the Thermal Baths, or an hotel with full diet board.

The secret behind this slimming course? A mix of thermal water, healthy food, physical exercise, medical guidance and relaxation…

Practical information

Contact details: +33 (0)5 62 39 00 02 or contact@thermes-de-capvern.fr
Adress : Thermes de Capvern – 480 rue des Thermes 65130 CAPVERN LES BAINS

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