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I am a curist

Capvern les Bains offers its water with multiple virtues at the service of your health.

Capvern les Bains

Capvern les Bains is a thermal resort nestled in a green setting at the foot of the Pyrenees.

The therapeutic virtues of its thermal water and the quality of the treatments make Capvern les Bains a particularly famous and recommended station in the treatment of diseases of the urinary and digestive tract, metabolic diseases and rheumatism.

Almost unique feature in France: thermal water is bottled every morning and according to the prescription of the doctor, is delivered directly to the curist’s accommodation to benefit its properties as soon as you wake up.

The water of Capvern les Bains and its virtues come in several formulas: thermal cure with recognized efficiency, diet with Vital Slimming Programs and relaxation and well-being with the Edenvik Spa.

In a preserved, quiet and green environment, Capvern les Bains is labeled “Green Resort” and benefits from a privileged location. All around, the Baronnies Valley and its landscapes and cultural sites, the valleys of Aure, Louron, Tourmalet as well as the large passes with also Lourdes and Spain, nearby. It is at the same time the ideal place to treat yourself but also to discover the Pyrenees and the great sites and to mingle cure, holidays and tourism.

Throughout the thermal season, entertainment programs are organized for the curists : conferences, creative workshops, hikes, dance parties, concerts, etc.

On a human scale, Capvern les Bains is a family resort and it is possible to choose your accommodation according to your expectations: campsites, hotels, furnished accommodation, tourist residence or bed and breakfast.

Capvern les Bains, the Kidney Healing capital

The Capvern Thermal Resort is particularly renowned for its beneficial effects on the treatment of kidney stones. It helps to reduce rebellious and recurrent lower back pain, decrease the infectious level and helps to evacuate kidney stones or even allows better surgical accessibility.

The beneficial effects of the Capvern Thermal Resort have also been proven on cystitis. Besides the anti-infectious effect, Capvern water has a considerable sedative and analgesic action on irritated and painful bladders.

Multiple virtues

Other conditions are treated :

appareil digestif

Disorders of the digestive system:

The thermal water of Capvern les Bains helps to cure digestive disorders (epigastric burns, pyrosis, slow digestion) intestinal functional disorders, functional consequences of hepatitis, pre-cirrhosis or after-effects of tropical diseases.

Maladie métabolique

Metabolic disease :

The thermal cure also allows a decrease or regulation of blood sugar levels thanks to the actions of calcium sulphate water and magnesium. It is successfully involved in the treatment of metabolic diseases, obesity and being overweight, diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as cholesterol.



Osteoarthritis is a major orientation of the thermal cure of Capvern les Bains.

Thermal treatment covers all painful forms of osteoarthritis, deforming, disabling and all locations. We equally treat: chronic low back pain, sciatica, cruralgies and cervicobrachial neuralgia, inflammatory rheumatism, extra-articular rheumatism, the effects of trauma and microcrystalline arthropathies: gout and chondrocalcinose.

Spa Week packages :

You can also opt for one of the shorter and easier-to-organize thermal weeks: «Comfort of the Back» and «Comfort of the Kidneys».


Post-cancer treatments:

Since 2019, the Capvern baths has become a relay in the accompaniment and post-therapeutic rehabilitation for women in complete remission of breast cancer.

Your slimming asset

The professionals of the Capvern Thermal Resort have developed a specific thermal program to accompany people who are overweight or want to lose weight. The Vital Slimming Program is based on several cures combining thermal treatments, personalized advice, diet menus and selected accommodation.

Since 2020, this treatment has been adapted to overweight teenagers.

minceur vitale

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You will find a download of the updated timetables for the access lines to Capvern and Saint-Lary-Soulan below.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact SNCF directly by phone or visit the website www.sncf.com.

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