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Natural Heritage

Unspoilt nature, back to essentials

Return to your roots amid unspoilt nature, an invitation to get back to life’s essentials. Whether you stay in the Baronnies valley, on the plateau or in the hills, you’ll experience the joy of marvelling at the beauty of the scenery, against the ever-present backdrop of the Pyrenean mountains.

Discover a multitude of natural curiosities, from beautiful rivers like the Arros or the Neste, to vast forests, remarkable trees, waterfalls and places that seem unreal, like the famous Gourgue d’Asque gorge, the wetlands or the crystal flowers that hide underground in the Baronnies region.

Unique natural settings come with outstanding wildlife. There are plenty of species that can be observed here, as well as more discreet animals like stag and deer, the desman, the European wildcat, the griffon vulture, falcons, kites and a host of migratory birds such as the magnificent Eurasian crane.

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