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L'Espace Préhistoire de Labastide

Discover the life, culture and mysterious art of our ancestors and travel to the heart of the last great prehistoric culture with a unique cave animation. Learn how to survive in the middle of Prehistory, make a primitive fire, hunt with a spear or light up a grease lamp before being introduced to the secrets of cave art.

In Labastide, the presence of men is attested about 14,000 years ago to the Magdalenian period during which techniques and tools evolve and cultural activity develop.

The Horse Cave

The Prehistoric Cave, named the Horse Cave by Norbert Casteret, contains numerous testimonies, some of which occupy an important place in the art and culture of Prehistory including a magnificent full-scale polychrome horse.

Listed as a Historic Monument in 1934, the cave was closed to the public in 1955, following damage to engravings.

Today, the tourist development of the Prehistoric center in Labastide offers visitors an immersion in the Prehistory period.

On the Program


Demonstration of fire techniques, animated projection inside a cave, initiation to parietal art and hunting with an assegai. On site, there is a tracking game of animal footprints which allows you to enjoy the visit longer.

Bon plan

    • Abbaye de l'Escaladieu
      Full price Adult : 5€
      The Pass Price for Adult : 4€
    • Château de Mauvezin
      Full price Adult : 7€
      The Pass Price for Adult : 6€
    • L'Edenvik
      Full price Adult : 11€
      The Pass Price for Adult : 9€
    • Espace Préhistoire de Labastide
      Full price Adult : 7€
      The Pass Price for Adult : 5€
    • Le Gouffre d'Esparros
      Full price Adult : 10€
      The Pass Price for Adult : 8€


Phone number : +33 (0)5 62 49 14 03

Website: www.espace-prehistoire-labastide.fr

Opening and prices : consult the dedicated page

Duration of visit : 1h30, visite commentée

Languages : French, English, Spanish, German

Access: A64 motorway, exit 15 Capvern (20 km) or exit 16 Lannemezan (20 km) then road signs in place from interchanges, main and secondary roads: D.929, D.938, D.17 and D.26.

Accessibility: partially accessible with a wheelchair (park with a drop in height).

Nearby: picnic tables, start of the hiking trail “Le tour de Labastide”, guest rooms, tourist accommodation

Special precautions: bring warm clothing for the projection in the White Cave, animals are prohibited.

Adress: 65130 LABASTIDE

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