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Prehistory and Protohistory

Labastide Prehistoric Site

There are signs of human presence here that date back 15,000 years. The Grotte aux Chevaux (horse cave) in Labastide features some of the most significant artistic and archaeological heritage, with over 200 engravings and wall paintings that include a beautiful polychrome horse.

The Caves around

The caves of Lomné, Espeche and Lortet also served as shelters and revealed engravings and carved objects including the famous deer staff of Lortet (photo opposite).

baton de renne

Necropolis of the Iron Age

The Lannemezan Plateau is home to the largest Iron-Age necropolis in Southwest France. A multitude of burial mounds and standing stones bear witness to the very first populations to settle along the ancient Ténarèze route. There is a hiking trail that leads to some of these tumulus remains.

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