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At the top of a rocky promontory notched to the north, the tower that dominates the village is undoubtedly what remains of a fortified square around which the village was organized. The cadastral structure of the village is organized in a circular way from the tower.

Of square shape, it suggests a construction of the 12th century. Due to its position in the slope, it seems to be a dungeon of retreat and surveillance whose housing rooms and walls have disappeared. The quality of the construction and the facing stones attest to this use.

The door to the east is classically high. It was accessed by a wooden footbridge with remaining boulder holes. Inside, the distribution from one floor to another was done by means of a ladder. At the top, the crenellation disappeared.

Threatening to fall into ruin, the tower was restored by the municipality of Avezac in 1997. It stands facing the Pyrenees.



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